Throughout our experience building boutique hotels, we recognized a need to shift our energies and focus to those hospitality projects that were higher in demand, whether due to their location or excitement around the brand.

That's why we developed the RevSuite™ model. RevSuite™ offers our hotels the opportunity to increase their accommodation inventory based on our customer's wants and needs.

Using innovative lodging and accommodation types that offer mobility – such as the iconic Airstreams of AutoCamp – allows us to change the number of rooms available at each location as we see fit.

Hotels using the RevSuite model, such as our AutoCamp locations, can reallocate room inventory based on demand, seasonality, fluctuations in popularity, and dynamic pricing. This provides a larger opportunity for guests to experience the location of their choosing, while allowing us to capitalize on revenue at those locations that are seeing increased demand and higher average daily rates.

  • Highlights

  • Moveable inventory based on demand
  • Innovative, mobile accommodations
  • Capitalize on higher average daily rates

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