Taking Action to Supporting the Arts

In addition to making significant monetary contributions to nonprofits that support the arts in the Funk Zone, Mesa Lane Partners is making a visual contribution to the art scene in the Funk Zone by participating in the Funk Zone Mural Program.  

Last year the Funk Zone Mural Program was approved by the city of Santa Barbara’s Design Review Board.  The purpose of the Funk Zone Mural Program is to promote art in public places and support local artists.  The Mural Program consists of 22 different city approved mural sites that will rotate the work of different muralists every 6 to 12 months.                                                                                                             
Two of the 22 mural sites exist on Mesa Lane Partners’ future development site.  Mesa Lane Partners has offered the wall space on grain silo on Mason Street and on the quonset hut structure on Santa Barbara Street to be used as blank canvases for local artists to create large scale murals.

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