Social Venture Partners comes to Santa Barbara


Local business leaders in the Santa Barbara community have joined together to create Social Venture Partners, an organization that invests in new local nonprofits and helps them grow. The concept for Social Venture Partners began in Seattle in 1997, and since has become an international organization with 25 organizations and 2,000 partners.

Mesa Lane Partners CEO Neil Dipaola is working as a partner in the new Santa Barbara organization, along with Ron Gallo of the Santa Barbara Foundation and Catherine Brozowski of the Orfalea Foundations, among others. The group started out with tackling the problem of homelessness in Santa Barbara. Social Venture Partners has selected two local organizations to receieve support for their work to solve chronic homelessness- Casa Esperanza and WillBridge, both homeless centers.

Casa Esperanza will receive $31,000 from Social Venture Partners for the launch of its new fundraising project, “Good Cookie.” WillBridge is set to receive $25,000 for improving infrastructure and expanding its services. As well as monetary support, Casa Esperanza and WillBridge will be provided with a network of professionals in a variety of industries to act as consultants.

Social Venture Partners in Pacific Coast Business Times here.

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