To leverage thoughtful and sustainable design to create exceptional places to live, work, play, and learn. To build prosperity for our shareholders through projects that support communities and inspire positive changes in the way people live.

Company Overview

Mesa Lane Partners is a full-service real estate investment and development firm that creates positive changes in the way people live while producing tangible value for the community and stakeholders alike. Our team's commitment to developing responsible and sustainable projects begins from the ground up by incorporating design elements and building practices that not only promote the health of future occupants, but also that of the community and environment. We are devoted to transforming underutilized urban properties into assets that best serve the community, are environmentally sensitive and add value to Mesa Lane's portfolio.

The Mesa Lane team has extensive experience in all aspects of planning and management gained from a successful track record including a wide range of public and private redevelopment projects in the local Santa Barbara area and larger Southern California region. We understand the complexities of developing in highly constrained markets and the social, political and economic challenges that must be overcome in order to successfully complete a project. Our objective is to identify infill opportunities and, by implementing smart planning and innovative design, realize projects that serve the needs of the community for many years to come.

Development Approach

We communicate honestly and openly with all stakeholders, including community and governing agencies, long before submitting project applications. By ensuring community buy-in before a plan is implemented, the likelihood that the final project will be viewed as a success by all stakeholders increases significantly. We conduct significant public outreach and engage in strategic partnerships with local planning agencies before a project is conceived. By researching and understanding an individual community's needs, we work to tailor a program that meets the needs of all community stakeholders; as a result, a project's social, political and economic value is dramatically enhanced.