Our commitment is to create value for our stakeholders by developing responsible projects from the ground up, promoting the health of future occupants, the wellbeing of the wider community, and the preservation of our local and global environment.

Our Mission:

To leverage thoughtful and sustainable design to create exceptional places to live, work, play, and learn. To build prosperity for our shareholders through projects that support communities and inspire positive changes in the way people live.

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Our project strategy is rooted in open dialogue with community and project stakeholders. It’s how we ensure the community gets what it wants while mitigating our risk during the development process.

For Mesa Lane Partners, community participation and inclusion is a must. From the initial stages of each project, we immerse ourselves into the community by reaching out to local groups and neighbors. We work to understand their vision so we can incorporate it into each project’s design. This is how we ensure our projects meet their needs.

In addition, we conduct extensive research to understand the history and culture of each neighborhood. This is how we ensure our projects meet all stakeholders’ needs.

Ultimately, we reduce risk during the development process by ensuring community buy in long before submitting project applications.


We believe that thoughtful design is at the heart of every successful project. For our team, a successful project is one that respects the environment and enhances the community.

By employing progressive urban planning principles, sustainable building strategies, and attention to aesthetics, our projects promote the wellbeing of their occupants, the local community, and the global environment.

As a result of their unmatchable value proposition, our investments are consistently in high demand.

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Mesa Lane Partners is committed to driving innovation in the real estate industry. As part of our company culture, we encourage a creative and entrepreneurial approach to all projects. In our experience, this approach leads to a constant flow of new discoveries in land use, building, retail, investing, and marketing.

From modular RevSuite™ hotels to robotic parking lifts, we embrace innovative ideas and favor projects and technologies that inspire community and protect the environment. As a result, we lead market change by inspiring competitors to follow our example, while earning a reputation that adds value to our entire asset portfolio.

We like to refer to this as Mesa Lane Labs – it’s not just a place to work, it’s a way of thinking.

Our Vision of Vibrant Sustainable Communities is Changing the World for the Better